4 Secret Tips to Enlarge Breast Naturally!

If you are endowed with small breasts or sagging boobs, natural breast enlargement is indeed a good alternative for women who consider enhancing their breasts without any potential risk of surgical procedures. Further, natural breast enlargement is painless, safe, affordable, convenient and discreet.

There are several natural tips that will help women to achieve a much fuller and firmer bust line as follows:

1) Breast Massage

Massage your breast for at least one minute, twice daily. It helps to increase circulation to the breasts and also stimulates production of prolactin which is a breast enlarging hormone.

Thereby, making your breast firmer, fuller and more beautiful. Breast massage also helps you to detect whether your breasts are in a healthy conditions and to safeguard yourself against breast cancer.

2) Healthy Lifestyle

Breasts are mere fatty tissues. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet are essential to breast enlargement. Natural breast enlargement works very well under the implementation of healthy lifestyle by tightening and improving the overall quality of tissues and skin and around the breast area. Thereby,increasing firmness and sexier bust line. 

More intake of fresh fruits and vegetables or any organic food can really help to boost your health in general, resulting in a more youthful, healthy skin. Cut down on alcoholic, carbonated or any stimulating beverages and drink plenty of pure water or taking some herbal supplements such as bust tea, a cup or two daily as part of the natural breast enlargement program can really improve your bust line.

3) Regular Exercise

Exercise is an important aspect of natural breast enhancement program. One of the most effective ways is through full-body push-up. With just twenty to thirty of push-up a day, you will soon experience a remarkable results. Such a workout is proven to be effective and it is faster to reach breast firmness. As such the chest wall muscles will increase, strengthen, harden, and firmed. 

The muscles become more supportive of the breasts and surrounding tissues. Therefore, the muscles under the breasts become larger and the breasts appear to be higher, more stable thus reducing breast sag and achieving a rounder, fuller breast.

4) Constant Sucking And Caressing Of The Breasts

This is really more of a myth especially in some African societies. It is traditionally believed that if a boyfriend constantly caresses or sucks the breasts of his girlfriend more often than not, or if a woman is very sexually active, her breasts may tend to grow bigger. In other words, if a man or lover can use his lips, tongue and hands to constantly work his woman's breasts, they just might grow bigger. However, this myth, which is similar to breast massage above, is yet to be scientifically proven.

Natural breast enlargement is a perfect solution for women who want to feel the best and value their healthy bodies. More women are looking into natural breast enlargement as an alternative without the costly, risk prone and painful method of surgical procedures.

Natural breast enlargement is considered as a much more viable option, as it is easy to apply and to understand without experience any side effects. Therefore, such natural way is quickly becoming the preferred method to breast enlargement.

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7 Tips For A Perfectly Smooth And Flawless Skin!

Smooth and flawless skin isn't something many people are born with; most of that you see have worked hard to get it looking that way.
You may be surprised to know that a few simple lifestyle and diet changes can make all the difference. If you want smoother and clearer skin, the following seven tips can get you there.

1. Eat Berries Every Day
Berries (and other foods that are high in antioxidants) are one of the biggest secrets to improving the texture and appearance of your skin. Antioxidants can help slow down the aging process by fighting free radicals that breakdown collagen and cause wrinkles.

2. Eat Fish Two Times Each Week
Fatty fish from cold waters, like salmon and mackerel, are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are critical for having healthy skin. Adding these fish to your diets a couple times a week will help improve the quality of your skin and of your overall health.
If you dislike eating fish, you can get Omega-3 from some vegetable sources, like kidney beans, spinach and broccoli, as well as from walnuts and flaxseed. Foods that are high in protein encourage the body to step up production of collagen and elastin, as well.

3. Go To Bed!
"Beauty sleep" isn't just an old wives' tale! Sleep is necessary for rejuvenating the body - including the skin. Getting 7-8 hours of solid sleep each night should be a priority in your life.

4. Exfoliate Regularly
Dead skin cells build up on the surface of your skin, causing it to look dull and older. Exfoliating your entire body will clean off those dead cells as well as improve skin circulation, leaving you with smooth and glowing skin.

5. Cut Out The Sugar
Cutting down or eliminating sugar is healthy for a number of reasons, including weight control, but the anti-aging benefits are there too.
You can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by cutting sugar out of your diet. Sugar can lead to wrinkles, through a process known as glycation that breaks down collagen.

6. Don't Forget To Drink Lots Of Water
Drinking adequate amounts of water works not only keeps your skin well hydrated, it helps to flush out toxins that make it look dull and cause blemishes. You might also want to consider doing an all juice cleanse to help wash the impurities out of your system - good for your skin and the rest of your body.

7. Apply Makeup After Moisturizing
Always use a moisturizer, and apply your makeup immediately after. Your concealer and foundation will blend more easily and provide better coverage. If you give the moisturizer too much time, it's absorbed into the skin and your makeup won't go on as evenly.

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5 Skincare Tips To Prevent Dark Circles Under Eyes

When you have to deal with the possibility of dark circles under eyes, you may want to do something to prolong the inevitable.
Here are a few tips to help you prevent those dreaded eye dark circles.

1. Rubbing your skin, especially around your eyes, has a similar effect as the warm water. Sure, it is not a lot of damage, but it will accumulate over time. You will eventually lose the elasticity in your skin if you are rubbing on it. You should pat dry with a very soft towel to avoid doing any damage at all to your skin.

2. Everyone needs 8 hours of sleep every night to rejuvenate their skin. This will help your skin look its best. Not only does the sleep help your body recharge and help your skin to stay healthy, in fact having your eyes closed is a great way to prevent dark circles. Do not become Rip Van Winkle here; just get enough sleep every night.

3. Using chemicals on your face is always a bad idea. If you must wear any makeup at all, you need to make sure that it is natural. Organic products might cost a little bit more due to the organics boom thing happening now, but your face will thank you for it in another ten years. While other people your age has dark circles, you will still look like you are in your 20s.

4. Eye creams should follow along the same lines as the makeup you are using. If you are using an eye cream at night to fight back against the dark circles, make sure that you are using an all-natural product. Some eye creams work well for a few months, but then the effects start to show after prolonged usage. You can avoid this by going with a natural product.

5. When you want to remove your makeup, a gentle soap product and some lukewarm water will do the trick. Do not rub, scrub, and scrape it off either. Be very gentle with the makeup on your face and never use any alcohol or oil-based products to help in the removal. If that takes that much to get it off, it is not worth putting on.

Your eyes are usually the first thing people notice about your face, so make sure that you follow the tips laid out above if you want to avoid having premature eye dark circles. They are going to show up eventually, but you can put it off for a while.

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3 Tips To Having a Younger Looking Face

We humans are typically vain. Admit it, it makes you feel good when other people comment on how attractive you are. While it is true that each one of us is blessed with a physical appearance that's uniquely beautiful from others', society has long set a standard we all like to meet in order to be called by many as good-looking.

Most people associate attractiveness with youth. This is the number one reason why people strive to look young. Celebrities, for example, are known to spend thousands of dollars on products and surgery just to keep their bodies and faces young-looking.
Not everyone can afford to undergo plastic surgery or even just well-known facial creams that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, this doesn't mean that we regular folks can no longer regain our youthful appearance even as we age.
Here are 3 tips to having a younger looking face without the help of high-priced face creams or plastic surgery:
1. Take good care of your skin.
Our skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture as we age. Collagen and elastin, which contribute to our skin's firmness and elasticity, are produced less and less by the body, causing the skin on our face to sag and look tired and worn out.
To help our skin retain moisture, it is important to follow a good skin care regimen. A complete skin care regimen includes - but is not limited to - a facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.
Choose a gentle cleanser that is effective enough to wash away dirt but not too strong that it strips away vital nutrients your skin needs. Apply a toner after cleansing your face, and then moisturize.
A lot of people swear by this routine, and you should see great improvements when you start getting into this important skin care habit.

2. Protect your skin from the sun.
Most of the time, the damaging effects of too much sun exposure are irreversible. Do not wait until you get wrinkles, fine lines, and, dark spots because you failed to wear sunscreen protection when out and about during the day.
When outdoors, try not to stay under the direct heat of the sun, but if you really have to, make sure to slather a generous amount of sunblock on your face and body.

3. Take care of your eyes.
Our eyes are what people usually notice first about our face, so it's vital to pay attention to our eyes if we want to stay young-looking. Many may not realize it but dark under eye circles can make you look older than gray hair or bad skin.
While some of us get dark under eye circles at one time or another, there are others who face this cosmetic problem in the long term.
To get rid of dark under eye circles, invest in a good under eye cream. Know that "good" does not necessarily mean expensive, and there are brands out there that can erase not only dark circles, but fine lines and wrinkles as well.
The tricks to having a younger looking face are fairly easy to follow. Throw in a healthy diet and exercise and you'll have that youthful glow you have always wanted.

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Get Healthy, Shiny Hair In 7 Practical Steps

Picture this: You step out of the house looking like you're about to go and star in a commercial for shampoo. As you walk along the street, traffic stops because so many people are staring at your gorgeous, shining locks blowing in the wind. Don't you feel amazing?

Brrrrrinnnnggg! All right, time to wake up. Maybe stuff like that can only happen in your dreams, but you can make healthy, shiny hair a part of your everyday reality with the 7 tips you're about to learn. Even better news: Not a single one of these tips involves visiting a hairstylist!

1. Use Cold Water To Rinse Your Hair
Remove shampoo and conditioner from your hair with cold water, rather than hot water. The hot water can dry hair out and make it appear dull. Also, cold water helps to close up the cuticles of your hair. When they're closed, light can reflect off their outer surfaces, which helps to give your hair more shine.

2. Make Hair Serums Part of Your Routine
There are hair serums on the market that can take your hair from unruly and frizzy to shiny and sleek. You can find them at beauty supply stores, drugstores, and hair salons. Hair serums work by adding a small amount of silicone or oils to your hair to give it moisture.
When applying hair serum, start with only a pea-sized amount. (Using an excessive amount may not help, since your hair will be weighed down with it.) While your hair is still wet, rub the serum into it with your hands, starting at the tips and working upward.

3. Use A Leave-In Conditioner
Leave-in conditioner can really help your hair shine, and can be found in both lotion and spray-on forms. The procedure for applying it is identical to the one for applying hair serum, described above.

4. Blow-Dry With Caution
When using a blow dryer, be sure that its nozzle, and therefore the stream of air, is pointing down the shafts of your hair, toward the tips, while you're using a round brush to hold up each section of hair. Pointing the nozzle up the shaft toward the roots is like petting a cat backwards - it makes the hairs stick up in the wrong direction.
Cooling your hair down with a blast of cool air after you're done drying it adds to its shine in the same way as rinsing it with cool water does: it helps the cuticles close, allowing the reflection of more light. This is the reason why hair dryers have "cool" buttons.

5. Stay Hydrated
Moisturizing hair from the inside is as important as adding topical moisturizers to it, so be sure to drink plenty of water. Ideally, you should be getting about the equivalent of eight glasses of water in a day. Have a water bottle handy all the time, and use it!

6. Get Plenty of Protein and Vitamins A and E
Vitamins A and E are essential nutrients for healthy, shiny hair. Eat foods that are rich in these vitamins and in protein, which helps hair grow faster. Nuts and eggs are great choices.

7. Avoid Coming Into Contact With Harsh Chemicals
Try not to expose your hair to chemicals that can damage it, such as hair-relaxing creams containing lye and the chlorine in swimming pools.

Other things that can damage hair are heated hairstyling tools and alcohol-based hair products. Alcohol tends to remove the shine from your hair and dry it out.

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5 Tips To Straightening Your Hair At Home Without Damaging It!

Many women would love to have straight, smooth, shiny hair. The problem is, a lot of the women who try to achieve that on their own only end up making their hair look worse. This usually happens because they don't understand the right way to use a flat iron.
This article gives you five tips you can use to become an expert at straightening your own hair while keeping it sleek, healthy, and gorgeous!

1. Use The Right Size Of Flat Iron
You may not have realized that not all flat irons are the same, and the right flat iron for one type of hair can be completely wrong for another type. Which one will work best for you depends on how long your hair is.
If your hair is long, choose a larger iron with plates between 1 1/2″ and 2″ wide. That way, you can straighten more of your hair more quickly.
If your hair is short, use a narrower iron whose plates are 1/2″ to 1″ wide. A narrower iron makes it easier to work with smaller sections of hair.

2. Use the Right Setting
Flat irons with adjustable heat settings are the best. Your hair is at less risk of being damaged if you're using a tool that can adjust to meet your hair's specific needs.

3. Use the Right Iron Material
The best flat iron plate materials are titanium, tourmaline, and ceramic.
Plates made from these materials are less damaging to your hair because they heat up more evenly. They also emit negative ions when heated. Negative ions tighten the cuticle of the hair, which helps prevent frizz and gives your hair a healthier, shinier appearance.
Note that you should avoid flat irons with plates that are only ceramic-coated, or Teflon-coated. These plates will not heat as evenly, and will dry out your hair more.

4. Get Your Hair Ready Before Straightening It
Besides having the right iron for your hair type, it's also important to prepare your hair before subjecting it to intense heat. Get your hair ready by following these steps:
Step #1: If you have fine hair, wash it with a lightweight, volumizing shampoo (you can skip this step if you have thick hair).
Step #2: After showering, apply a volumizing mousse that features heat protection.
Step #3: Create additional volume while blow-drying by lifting the hair up from the roots.
Step #4: Use tension and a brush with natural-fiber bristles to smooth your hair from halfway up the shaft to the tips.

5. How To Use A Hair Straightener Effectively
There are four simple steps to movie-star-straight hair:
Step #1: Use hair clips or barrettes to separate your hair into sections you can work on individually. Thicker hair needs to be divided into more sections than thinner hair. Begin by grabbing a section of hair 1/2″ to 2″ wide from the lower half of the back of your head, near the nape of your neck.
Step #2: To maintain some of your hair's volume, start straightening about half an inch below the roots. Move the flat iron down your hair at a steady, quick pace. Straighten one section at a time, working from the bottom of your head upward, until you have completed the lower and mid-sections of your head.
Step #3: To straighten the sections near the top of your head, lift the section of hair away from the scalp, and try to get your flat iron as close to the roots of the hair as you can. Then, pull the iron away from your head in a straight line, pressing it firmly around the hair, to give your hair a smooth, flat finish.
Step #4: Add a light mist of a shine spray as the finishing touch.

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